Untold stories: Community member’s trip to visit Cryplect in Tallinn

3 min readMay 29


Tallinn Old Town

In the world of sports and fan engagement, building strong connections with the community is mandatory. Through these connections the bonds are formed, memories are created, and a sense of belonging is nurtured. Our team at Cryplect, the renowned fan-engagement platform, understands its community's true value and the need to take an extra mile whenever needed. In a heartwarming story that exemplifies our commitment, one fortunate customer was treated to an unforgettable experience during his visit to Tallinn, the Cryplect HQ. Let us dive into this remarkable tale and explore how we at Cryplect are fostering deep connections within the European basketball community.

Cryplect, with its thriving community of over 13,000 customers in Lithuania, has become synonymous with fan engagement. Beyond offering a platform for sports enthusiasts, Cryplect goes the extra mile in creating meaningful relationships. Every member of our community is cherished, and their journey becomes intertwined with Cryplect’s mission of fostering strong connections.

During a recent visit to Tallinn, our key customer Julius, had the memory of a lifetime. By demonstrating our commitment to creating exceptional experiences, we went above and beyond to ensure that this visit would be etched in the community member’s memory forever. From planned activities to heartfelt surprises, every detail was carefully orchestrated to showcase the essence of Cryplect’s dedication to its community.

The adventure began as Cryplect welcomed Julius and his girlfriend Ieva to Tallinn. The community member was greeted in the Cryplect’s humble office with warmth and enthusiasm, instantly making him feel like part of the Cryplect family. Over the course of three days, he embarked on a journey that celebrated both the spirit of basketball and the power of genuine connections.

Basketball, a beloved sport in Lithuania, took center stage as Cryplect and their fortunate guest watched an exhilarating Euroleague match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Surrounded by fellow fans, the electric atmosphere resonated with the passion and camaraderie that unite basketball enthusiasts worldwide. Together, we experienced the thrill of witnessing top-tier talent, and the shared excitement further strengthened the bond between Cryplect and its beloved community member.

Recognizing the importance of self-care and relaxation, we brought Julius and his girlfriend to a spa retreat. Later, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich history and enchanting charm of Tallinn’s Old Town. Guided by knowledgeable locals, guests strolled through the medieval streets, admired its architecture, and discovered captivating tales from centuries past. Cryplect’s dedication to providing a holistic experience showcases our understanding that community engagement encompasses not just sports but also cultural immersion that Tallinn can offer.

Amidst the enchanting ambiance of Tallinn, a magical moment unfolded. At a carefully chosen restaurant, our community member took the leap and proposed to his beloved (who said YES!). The combination of heartfelt emotion and the support of Cryplect made this milestone unforgettable. It is moments like these that embody the deep connections that Cryplect fosters within our community.

The heartwarming story of our treatment of the Lithuanian basketball community member serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating unforgettable experiences today and for the years to come. Going above and beyond demonstrates the immense value we place on our community.

Thank you, everyone, for being with us, we are only getting started!




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