The Dream Team of Betsafe-LKL Basketball Game Week

2 min readOct 25


The past game week in Betsafe-LKL was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing the best talent that promises a bright future for Lithuanian basketball. The last week’s spotlight was on five players who, through their relentless efforts, wrote their names to the dream team of the week.

The dream team was led by the remarkable Ryan Larson (Gargždai), whose efficiency of 31 points earned him the status of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the week. Larson, coming from the United States, has been a new spectacle in the Lithuanian league, with his great ability to read the game and make decisive moves when it matters the most. His skill set consists of traditional and modern basketball, which makes him a threat for the opposition and a dream for any coach.

Ryan Larson, the most valuable player of game week 4

Next player joining Larson to the Dream Team was Justas Furmanavičius, the capten of Gargždai, who with an efficiency of 27, demonstrated why he’s considered one of best current players in the league. His agility and precision on the court are making him a crucial asset to his team.

Rasheed Sulaimon and Šarūnas Beniušis, each with an efficiency of 25, formed a great example of consistency and teamwork. Their ability to synchronize with their teammates and execute plays seamlessly is what sets them apart from the rest.

Last but not least, Zane Waterman with an efficiency of 24, showcased a performance that was essiential to Nevežis’ success. His mastery in both, offense and defense, is a clear indication of his versatility as a player.

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