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The Development Journey of a Fan-Engagement Basketball Platform



Hey there, basketball enthusiasts and tech folks! Today, we are going to take you on a journey behind the scenes of creating a fan-centralized basketball platform and community.

Picture this: the sound of sneakers rubbing on the court, the excitement in the air, and the exhilarating feeling of hitting a perfect shot. Now, imagine taking that desire to win and passion for the game into the digital world. Let’s dive into the development process of the Scorestars platform in the last two months!

First quarter: Generating the game plan

Since June last year, we knew that we are going to validate our platform on a strong market which Lithuanian Betsafe-LKL is. The season was a true roller-coaster as it has always been for quickly scaling startups. During the year, we acknowledged our need for changing the brand name from Cryplect to something resonating better with the business.

Like any great team, every successful project begins with a strong vision and with a question of why to do it. At Scorestars, we have assembled a group of basketball fans, IT geeks, and design experts. As a strong team, we brainstormed ideas for the new brand and its values for months and drew the sketches of the go-to second screen AKA virtual home of European basketball.

We wanted it to be a one-in-all for all things related to basketball fandom, meeting the needs of die-hard fans and sofa head coaches. We envisioned a platform that would let fans dive deep into the local league game whilst truly being and owning part of it.

Second quarter: Building a solid foundation

Just like in basketball, we knew that during the off-season, we can’t rest on our laurels. We kept a close eye on user feedback and analytics to identify areas for improvement. With our vision in place, it was time to build the foundation of our new platform. We had to carefully select the right tools to ensure a smooth user experience. Our developers utilized the latest knowledge to create a seamless and responsive platform. Whether you’re using your phone or a desktop computer, the European basketball fandom should always be at your fingertips!

Third quarter: User experience (UX) and user interface (UI)

Do you know how important top-level ball handling is for a basketball player? Well, the same goes for a user-friendly interface. Our talented UX designer worked tirelessly to create an intuitive and visually stunning layout. At Scorestars, we want our users to glide effortlessly on the platform, just like their favorite basketball players on the court.

Clean and modern design, keeping the color scheme true to the essence of basketball, and new features are only a few updates in a long list that we will announce before the new season. Not to forget, our essential user feedback was crucial in refining the design further, ensuring that every aspect of the platform met their needs and expectations for many years to come.

Fourth quarter: Assisting with powerful features

Now came the fun part — adding those above-mentioned game-changing features! From custom lineup formations to selecting your captain for the game, we wanted to offer a true-to-life experience as a GM or head coach.

Of course, we couldn’t forget the important data from the live games. On we have included new filters, collection challenges, game statistics, and much more.

Time out: Scaling and optimization

Due to the previous season's rocky start, our developers worked hard to optimize the platform’s performance, ensuring smooth and lightning-fast interactions. The fact that we will now have partnered up with two top basketball leagues in Europe, gives us a huge motivation to take the virtual fandom to the next level.

Full-time: Conclusion

And now you have read it — the development process behind From dreaming up the game plan to executing it with passion and precision, we’ve taken virtual basketball to new heights. Like Chicago Bulls in 1996, it’s the collaboration, creativity, and dedication of every single team and community member that makes this adventure possible.

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