Records Week in Betsafe-LKL basketball league

3 min readNov 14


This week’s Betsafe-LKL Lithuanian basketball league treated fans with not one, but two season records being shattered. As we can witness, diamonds are made under pressure — both records were broken in the same game between Šiauliai and Pieno žvaigždės. Allthough Pieno žvaigždės snatched the victory from Šiauliai, the most important statistic for a fantasy player is the efficiency points and Tomaš Pavelka, the Šiauliai center, is the grand master of it.

This week’s dream team:

Center: Tomaš Pavelka — Setting New Records

The center position is occupied by Tomaš Pavelka, who not only topped the efficiency chart with 41 points but also set a record for the best performance in the 2023 season so far. Pavelka has shown his dominance already for two weeks straight. With this pace, he is very likely going to be in the next week’s dream team too.

Guard: Brandon Tabb — The Scoring Sensation

Brandon Tabb is one of the fantasy players favourite — he has been one of the top efficiency player for already for three weeks. This week he not only accumulated 36 efficiency points but also scored an astounding 36 points in a single game. This is the highest scoring performance of the 2023 season so far. Tabb’s ability to find the basket from virtually anywhere on the court has made him a nightmare for defenders and a fan favorite.

Guard: Martynas Paliukėnas — A Solid Guard

Joining Tabb in the backcourt is Martynas Paliukėnas from M-Basket, who showcased a remarkable level of play, amassing 29 efficiency points. He is gaining a great momentum and should definitely be considered for your upcoming fantasy lineup.

Forwards: Zane Waterman and Artūras Jomantas

Zane Waterman, the forward for Nevežis matched Paliukėnas’ efficiency with 29 points. His versatility on the court is a significant asset, as he can score, rebound, and assist with equal proficiency. The fact that he has been in the dream team lineup for two weeks speaks for himself — he is a solid performer.

Finally, Artūras Jomantas, the forward and captain of M-Basket, earned his spot with 28 efficiency points. His ability to contribute in multiple facets of the game makes him an invaluable member of to his team.

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