No-Bulls&#! Guide to Cryplect — digital collectibles on the blockchain

3 min readFeb 10, 2022


Quick summary

Own this moment. Collect unique moments, trade, play with them.

When we think of a favourite player, we rarely recall their achievements but their special moments. The special moments, that live in our mind and we can’t own them. There is no special bond between the person and the moment. So imagine your favorite moment owned by you, as a collectible and it is tradeable with anyone in the world.

Cryplect is a platform to purchase, trade, collect and play with collectibles. These moments are highlights & cards that are sold in packs and directly owned by you — the fan.

Your ownership right exists on the blockchain so the ownership and transaction history can be verified.

Cryplect packs.

Moments are similar to conventional sports trading cards, just better. A moment is defined as: Player + Tier + Serial number + Type.

What can I do with these moments

You have true ownership of these moments, so there are no boundaries to what you can do.

Display your authenticity and depth of your fandom: Ownership records exist on the blockchain and are visible to anyone. You can show your collection to friends :)

Trade: There’s a secondary market for moments which is getting bigger every day. Fans are actively buying or selling. Be an avid collector to generate profits. Challenges on Cryplect encourage active participation and purchases of missing moments. We’ll cover more of this in future blog posts.

Challenges: The team from Cryplect runs special challenges that require participants to collect a certain amount of moments. In return, Cryplect drops unique, limited edition moments that are not available for purchase in packs. These are the real gems!

CryplectPlay(play-to-earn): In a given week, pick your favorite players and score! Cryplect Play Basketball is played with NFT Moments. We’ll cover more of this in future blog posts. Cryplect Play will be launched in February 2022.

Cryplect Play — build your match-winning lineup

How can I get my hands on these moments

Moments are sold in packs. Some packs are exclusively for a specific tiers, eg Ultimate, Legendary or Hall Of Fame. Some of these drops have exclusive moments that do not appear in later drops.

You never really quite know what moment is in your pack. Mr. Luck decides which moments you will be drawing. In case you cannot get your hands on a specific moment, do not worry: just head over to the marketplace and purchase it from another community member.

As you can see, there are various types of packs which sell out quickly. They come at different price points depending on the rarity level of the moments included.

Packs are sold directly on Cryplect.

What makes a specific moment more desirable

Moments are classified by rarity level: Hall of Fame, Ultimate, Legendary, Rare, Common. Each rarity level has different edition sizes.

The rarer a moment, the higher the value. For a given moment in a set, the lower the serial number, the higher the value.

Also, certain players are more expensive to purchase than others. The most performing players will retain a fan base and value in the future.


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