Guards will do the scoring — game week 5 in Betsafe-LKL

2 min readOct 31


Last week’s games in the Betsafe-LKL were really showing off some great talent — five players worked hard and were rewarded to be part of this week’s dream team.

Dream Team of game week 5 in Betsafe-LKL

Brandon Tabb from Pieno Žvaigždės was the star of the dream team. He had the efficiency of 39, which is the highest efficiency in this season, and this made him the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the week. Tabb led his team to the first victory in Betsafe-LKL league. He is a guard and as we can also see from other top leagues, guards are the new top scorers. Pieno Žvaigždės leaded by Tabb conquered last week’s MVP Ryan Larson. Can one of them defend their title or will there be a new MVP in next week?

Next up in the Dream Team was Justin Gorham from Rytas. Proven by the efficiency of 33 points, he showed why he’s one of the best players in the league right now. He’s quick and accurate, which makes him important to his team.

In the center position, we will find Tomaš Pavelka, earning an efficiency of 30 points. Although his team Šiauliai did not win the game, he was the man everyone was looking up to.

Lastly, we will find Paulius Danusevičius from Šiauliai with the efficiency of 23 points and Martynas Gecevičius from M-Basket with the efficiency of 21 points. As mentioned, guards are becoming very important for teams to secure the victory and Martynas Gecevičius proved it again by leading M-Basket to the victory.

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