Game week wrapped up — the most efficient players of Betsafe-LKL basketball league

3 min readNov 7


This week’s buzz in Betsafe-LKL was focused around the Rytas — Žalgiris game — the first big clash of the Lithuanian titans. In front of 10 000 spectators, Žalgiris secured their first victory in this duel with a strong game of +14 points difference (67–81).

Dream Team of Game Week 6 in Betsafe-LKL

But the after the game week, the spotlight shines bright on two forwards from Lietkabelis whose on-court brilliance has not only led to victories but has also filled the stat sheets impressively.

The Forwards: Waterman and Vaitkus

Zane Waterman has emerged as the leading forward with an efficiency rating of 32. His all-around gameplay, marked by scoring, rebounding, and defensive prowess, has been the highlight. Waterman has been the forward who executes with precision both inside the arc and out.

Ignas Vaitkus isn’t far behind, boasting an efficiency rating of 31. His quickness and sharp shooting stretch defenses, while his rebounding gives his team second-chance opportunities. Vaitkus’s high-level play has made him an indispensable part of his team’s strategy.

The Center: Pavelka

In the center spot, Tomaš Pavelka’s influence has been undeniable, with a rating of 30. His week has been defined by robust defense and reliable offense. Pavelka’s basket protection and rebounding are textbook examples of a center’s responsibilities, making him the lynchpin of his team’s defensive scheme.

The Guards: Valinskas and Tabb

With an efficiency of 23, Paulius Valinskas’s performances have been a masterclass in backcourt leadership. Finally, last week’s MVP Brandon Tabb, with an efficiency rating of 21, rounds out this group of elite players. His scoring touch and defensive tenacity have been key to help Pieno žvaigždės to a solid win. Tabb’s ability to read the game and make impactful plays on both ends cements his status as a top guard in the league.

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